The Moonlight King

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Seoul, Korea 1977. A young couple makes the toughest of decisions.
Driven by shame they send their only son far away into foreign adoption.
Their son is just six years old.
A new country. A new life he cannot possibly understand.
He is tortured and beaten.
Broken and battered.
Forced into unspeakable acts.
He builds walls that cannot be seen.
And bars that cannot be broken.
Scars that do not heal.
And wounds always open.
Can he battle his demons?
And conquer the darkness?
The fight for freedom is within…
“The Moonlight King”
The true life story of Derek DeCosta

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"The Moonlight King is a true account of the power of the human spirit. What Derek went through... to come out of it as such a being of love and light astounds me and touches my soul. His book, and he, himself, encourage me to be the best person I can be. I was truly surprised that he had never written before, as this book is so masterfully done. He tells his story with such color, that it is often hard to read. Yet, at the same time, he punctuates it with his humorous observations that sometimes caused me to laugh out loud. Please read The Moonlight King and prepare for your life to change." Denise M. McShane - Screenwriter

What the media is saying

The Moonlight King is an incredible book! Derek’s story will rock you; it will shake you to the core. This is right up there with the top books I’ve ever read! It’s a must read and well worth your time. It’s amazing how Derek has stayed such a positive and inspiring man in spite of the many challenges in his life.This story will stick with you, long after you’ve read it.”

– Alex Stylos
WSAR Radio Host, Somerset, MA


“Derek’s struggle adds pathos and ethos to the insight, wisdom, and advice that he weaves into every page. Forgiveness and love are the keys that finally unshackle him as he realizes his own self worth and asserts his right to an important and meaningful life. His writing style is poetic but easy to read, using powerful language and descriptive imagery to describe the ugliest of experiences and feelings. If Derek’s experiences are the thorns, this book is the rose.”   

– Jean Perry

News EditorThe Wanderer

The Moonlight King is an amazing book! Working at a television station on a morning show, we read many books, and interview many authors. I’ve read the Moonlight King several times because it’s such an incredible story of courage, and strength. Derek is truly an inspiration! His book is worth reading, you won’t want to put it down!”

– Carol Lanigan                                                                                                                     

Assignment Editor, Fox 25 Boston

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What Readers are saying

 “Derek’s heart wrenching, at times painful, at times funny, but always open memoir moved each of us (in our book club) deeply. It is a universally human story about never giving up in order to get where you want to be and finding your life’s purpose. It is a personal story of lost youth, pain, hope, faith, friendships, and most of all: incredible inner strength. Reading this book, made me realize that your life is what you, and only you, make of it. Not what outside influences try to make it. Derek has given us the gift of truly knowing him. The fears, the struggles, and the ability to move onward and upward in any situation. Truly an inspiration. It is an honor to have read the Moonlight King.”

– Laurie Nova Fearing

“The Moonlight King takes you on a journey to enlightenment. A beautiful little boy begins his journey in Korea and is swept away into a shockingly unfair fate in the U.S. only to come out victorious! This is a story of love and loss, hope and perseverance, and a search for identity. I cried, I laughed, and I gained an immense respect for the brave, intelligent boy who against all odds, grew into an amazing man.”

– Elizabeth Middleton

“I Just finished reading “The Moonlight King”. A truly heart wrenching autobiography that takes you on a gripping and inspirational journey of Derek DeCosta’s life. His story is one of human struggle and triumph, against insurmountable odds finds success thru sheer grit and determination.”

– Brian O’Connor

“The Moonlight King is a powerful story of pain, perseverance and inspiration. It was heartbreaking to learn what Derek had to endure, yet his inner strength, determination of a greater destiny, led him to prevail. His drive is contagious!”     – Abigale Smith Derrig

 “My wife showed me your book and I read it over the course of two nights. I could not put it down! I am in awe of your persevernce, you are very special person. And your story is an inspiration to all who might read it. You have something great here!”     – Jason Derrig

“I am left absolutely inspired after finishing The Moonlight King. From page one I felt like I was right there watching Derek’s life before my eyes and at times I wanted to jump into the pages and comfort him. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has hit a time of hardship in their life. After reading about him overcoming adversity, racism, abuse and so many other obstacles life threw at him, it truly puts in perspective why we were put on this earth. I am truly in awe.”

– Chelsi White

 “The Moonlight King is a heartwarming story of triumph. Of good over evil, and the indomitable human spirit to be resilient. It is captivating and inspiring, while also being funny and sad. This story is about a scared and lonely boy who becomes a genuine, lovable, believable and larger than life man capable of enriching all our lives with his experiences. Many thanks to Derek for sharing your story!”

– Dr. John Arcuri

“The Moonlight King gripped me from the very first page. From Adversity to Advocacy, Derek has poignantly crafted his incredible life story of tragedy, loss, neglect and abuse into a life of love, courage, strength and hope. The Moonlight King is a MUST READ! Through Derek’s story we learn that we too take our pain, transorm ourselves and help others along our journey called life.”

– Gretchan Pyne

Author, Motivational Speaker, Founder of The Lulu Foundation